A little planning can prevent most problems your dog might face: 

Food - There is usually a plentiful supply of good smelling food in the house, and your pets will let you know they’d like some. While we all like to offer them a taste, this isn’t their regular diet, and too much of a good thing can result in an upset stomach and diarrhea. Keep it to a minimum. 
Bones - Turkey bones, and any poultry bones, are very dangerous. Broken bones are sharp and can stick in the throat or puncture the stomach or intestines. The twine that wraps the legs is also dangerous if swallowed. 
Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats, and should be kept away from pets. Chocolate contains a chemical - theobromine -which dogs and cats cannot metabolize. 
Plants - Mistletoe berries are poisonous, and should be kept away from pets. Fake mistletoe is a safe alternative. Poinsettia and amaryllis are two plants often kept around the house at this time of year. Both plants are toxic to dogs and cats and should be kept away from them. 
Decorations - Tinsel can cause serious, even fatal problems if swallowed, and dogs and cats will eat it. Fallen ornaments will splinter into jagged pieces when chewed, and glass ornaments are very sharp when broken. Both can cut a dog’s mouth, and do much worse damage if swallowed. 
Electricity - There are usually more wires running along the floor during the holidays. You never know what a dog will chew on, and biting through one of these can be fatal.
Let’s make it a safe home for the pets!